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● Rocky Road의 유래

Only weeks after the October stock market crash  of 1929 that ushered in the Great Depression, Edy’s Grand Ice Cream’s founders William Dreyer (an ice cream maker) and Joseph Edy (a candy maker) found an unusual way to calm their “Black Thursday” jitters. The young men created the world’s first batch of Rocky Road ice cream.
While making a batch of chocolate ice cream at the Grand Avenue factory they had opened the previous year, Dreyer and Edy had the revolutionary idea of adding nuts and marshmallows to the ice cream mix.
  Originally experimenting with walnuts, Dreyer and edy soon switched to almonds when they discovered the walnuts left the ice cream with a better taste. And, since miniature marshmallows did not yet exist, Dreyer and Edy used their wives’ sewing scissors to cut the regular marshmallows into bite size pieces.
“Dreyer and Edy named their creation Rocky Road not only because it described Their idea to add nuts and other ingredients used as sundae toppings to the ice cream base was a novel approach in that day. Prior to 1929, ice cream Chocolate and Strawberry. Dreyer and Edy’s invention  was enthusiastically received by the public, with different ingredients and combinations. They later came up with Toasted Almond after discovering that roasting the nuts kept them from becoming soggy in the ice cream. The pair is  also credited with creating the candy mint flavor, better known today as Peppermint

● Neapolitan

Neapolitan is a kind of ice cream, or more precisely, of ice cream packaging: a third of the box (or tub, bar, etc.) is strawberry, a third is chocolate, and a third is vanilla. There can be other combinations (eg. banana/ vanilla/chocolate or caramel/vanilla/chocolate), but these are the most common. On different lists, it is listed as the third or fifth favorite ice cream flavor in the United States.

Neapolitan ice cream is so called because it is a variant on spumoni, a three-flavoured (usually cherry, chocolate, and pistachio) ice cream originally made in Naples. Spumoni was introduced to the United States in the 1890s

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