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  • ANSI(American National Standards Institute)

  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials, Standards organization for testing)

  • Document center(distributor of Standards IEC, ISO, EU, BSI, U.S. Fed., ASTM, IEEE, ANSI, etc...)

  • WPO(World Packaging Organization)

  • IAPRI(International Association of Packaging Research Institutes)

  • ISTA(International Safe Transit Assoc.)

  • IoPP(Institute of Packaging Professionals)

  • NIPHLE(National Institute Of Packaging, Handling, And Logistics Engineers)


  • www.alro.com -Engineering Plastics , American Forest and Paper Association

  • www.asae.org - American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Professional organization for engineers working in agriculturally related industries, including food

  • www.aimcal.org - Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators

  • www.cctiwdc.org - Composite Can and Tube Institute

  • www.fibrebox.org - Fiber Box Association, Association of integrated companies which manufacture and market corrugated boxes

  • www.flexpack.org - Flexible Packaging Association, Trade association for the flexible packaging industry

  • www.fda.gov - Food and Drug Administration, Regulatory agency with authority over materials and processes used for packaging foods and drugs

  • www.pmmi.org - Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

  • www.ucima.it - UCIMA, Trade group for Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

  • www.usda.gov - United States Department of Agriculture, Regulatory agency with broad authority over meat, milk, poultry, and eggs

  • www.doc.gov - United States Department of Commerce, Regulatory agency with authority over seafood


  • APF(Asian Packaging Federation)

  • The Institute of Packaging - 영국포장협회(Institute of Packaging)

  • ARGENTINA - Instituto Argentino del Envase

  • BRAZIL - Associacao Brasileira de Embalagem(ABRE)

  • CANADA - Packaging Association of Canada (PAC)

  • CHINA - China Packaging Technology Association(CPTA)

  • HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Packaging Institute Ltd.

  • CZECH REPUBLIC - SYBA Packaging Association


  • GERMANY - Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut

  • MEXICO -- Asociacion Mexicana de Envasey Embalage (AMEE)

  • SPAIN - Asociacion Graphispack

  • SWEDEN - Packforsk Swedish Packaging Research Institute

  • TAIWAN - China External Trade Development Council (CETRA)

  • UNITED STATES - Institute of Packaging Professionals(IoPP)

  • www.packcoun.com.au - Packaging Council of Australia




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