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감미 상승제 Sweetness Enhancers

미각 메커니즘 : 미각 기관
- 단맛의 기작
- 짠맛, 신맛의 기작
- 쓴맛의 기작
- 감칠맛의 기작

- 단맛이 둔한 감각인 이유

아세설팜과 아스파탐의 감미 상승작용

말톨, 에틸말톨

가열하면 만들어지는 감미 상승제도 있다

Ottinger 등의 연구로 포도당과 알라닌의 반응물 중에 alapyridaine이라는 물질이 합성됨이 확인 되었는데 이 물질은 pH에 따라 감미 상승제로 작용함이 밝혀졌다. 설탕 아스파탐등의 감미를 높여주는 것이다. 포도당과 같이 있으면 포도당 단독으로 있는 것 보다 1/16만 있어도 같은 감미를 느끼게 하는 것이다.
Background and Aims: The development of healthy food products reduced in sugar, salt, glutamate, and fat, respectively, or enriched in plant-derived bioactive, health promoting micronutrients, which are claimed to be beneficial for health and well-being of the consumers, induce non-acceptable flavor defects in the products and unexpected flavor challenges for the food industry. In response to the consumer demand for healthy but tasty foods, novel ingredient discovery is essential to overcome such flavor challenges associated with fortified or functional foods and beverages; for example, one important step to make healthy food taste better is to control bitter off-tastes of food products, either by masking but better by suppressing the perception of bitter taste by compounds coined “bitter inhibitors”.
Examples: Isolation, purification, identification, chemical synthesis, functional characterization, and structure/activity (SAR) studies of non-volatile taste enhancers/modulators and bitter suppressors based on synthetic modifications of molecular scaffolds as shown in the Figure for (+)-S-L-alapyridaine in response to consumer demand for healthy foods, and to overcome flavor challenges associated with fortified or functional foods or beverages.



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