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 원료 목록(번역), 통계2(번역) 이름   FEMA CAS  EU

Rebaudioside C

Rebaudioside C
Dulcoside B

분류 : 99
분류 : -
KFDA : -


착향 목적에 한함

외관 - 
풍미 - 
분자식 CAS No 63550-99-2 
분자량   FEMA No   :  4720  
    JECFA No   
    EU FLAVIS    
    Japan No      -

Redpoint bio first announced that it had identified RP44, an all-natural sweetness enhancer, in June 2009. RP44 is Reb-C (rebaudioside C), a component of the stevia plant. In June 2010, Redpoint entered into a license and commercialization agreement with International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. ("IFF"), covering the commercialization of RP44. RP44 received FEMA GRAS approval in October 2010. Unlike Reb A, RP44 is not a sweetener; rather, it is a sweetness enhancer. A sweetness enhancer imparts ...



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