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Sucrose monopalmitate

Sucrose monopalmitate

분류 : 가공_유화제
분류 : 유화제
KFDA : -


착향 목적에 한함

외관 - 
풍미 - 
분자식 CAS No 26446-38-8 
분자량   FEMA No   :  4713  
    JECFA No   
    EU FLAVIS    
    Japan No      -

Sucrose monopalmitate is an emulsifier.

In flavor applications, it is useful for producing flavor oil emulsions for "clear beverages". See United States Patent Application 20100323066 (12/23/2010) and United States Patent Application 20100098821 (04/22/2010) by Comstock et al., both entitled Process for Solubilization of Flavor Oils.



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